Thursday, March 18, 2010

Don't Wait for Guarantees

 Erwin McManus wrote in Seizing Your Divine Moment:
"When you move with God, He always shows up.  It's just difficult to predict what He will do or how He will do it.  If you wait for guarantees, the only thing that will be guaranteed is that you will miss endless divine opportunities--that you can know for certain."

There is much we don't understand about God and how He works.  No matter how much we try we will never be able to understand all the mysteries of God while we are alive.  Even the basic doctrine of the Trinity is beyond our comprehension.  So what are we to do?  We act on what we do know.  We obey the commands God has given us and we go where he leads us.

Take for example Joseph.  Joseph was the favorite son of Jacob.  It also appears that Joseph was a favorite of God.  God gave Joseph these dreams that showed Joseph that one day he would rule over his brothers.  Yet before the dream could come to past Joseph's jealous brothers sold him into slavery.

In Egypt Joseph was a slave, no longer a favorite, but for some reason Joseph remained true to the God of his fathers.  When sexual immortality presented itself to Joseph the young man ran away, only to be accused of a crime he did not commit.  From favorite son, to slave, to prisoner is the journey of Joseph's life.  Where is God?  What about God's promises?  Why does God allow these terrible things to happen?

Even in prison Joseph remains faithful to God.  In prison Joseph interprets the dreams of two other prisoners, which eventually leads him before Pharaoh.  When Joseph interprets the Pharaoh‚Äôs dream he is given the privilege of being second in command in all of Egypt.  Through all the trials and tribulations of Joseph's life God finally shows up to keep His promises to Joseph.

Here is what we can learn from Joseph: act on what you know.  All Joseph knew what how to be obedient to God, and that is what he did.  In the end God showed up.  To move with God is simply obey what we understand.

We may be waiting for our opportunity to make an impact for the Kingdom of God, but if all we are doing is waiting then what will happen is we will miss out on that opportunity.  We discover our purpose and we make an impact when we are faithful to what we know God has commanded us to do.

Consider what the apostle Paul wrote to his disciple Timothy:
But you must remain faithful to the things you have been taught.  You know they are true, for you know you can trust those who taught you.  You have been taught the holy Scriptures from childhood, and they have given you the wisdom to receive salvation that comes from trusting Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 3:14-15; NLT).

Paul urges Timothy to remain faithful to what he knows to be true.  That is the way we are to live our lives when we are Christians.  When we do we will make the most of the time God has given us and we will experience God at work in the world.

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