Friday, March 05, 2010

Friends are Essential

Robert Crosby wrote in More Than A Savior; “We all have a basic deep need for relationships.  God has designed us so that we do not function well without meaningful relationships with other people....Friendship is truly not an option.  It is a basic human need.”  Make no mistake about it we need friends in our lives.
It is not good for people to be alone.  We all need people that will come along side of us and help us on this journey of life.  Nothing will get us more discouraged than to live our lives in isolation from other people.  It is so important that we have people in our lives that we can talk to and lean on when we need support.  The reverse is also true, it is important for us to have people that can talk to us and lean on us when they need support.  It is this give and take in a relationship that makes friendships so vital in our lives.
I want you to stop and consider your closest friends.  Maybe make a list of the people you like to hang with, take your time I am not going any where.  As you look over that list ask yourself this question; “Why is he or she my friend?”  Really think about the answers, I want you to understand the reason you have the friends that you have.
We are called to live in the world, to be lights in the darkness, and it is vital that we interact with people that are not Christians.   Christians should have people that they can consider to be friends that have not accepted Jesus or live by His standard.  That is one way we can make an impact on the lives of others.  But if our dearest and closest friends are not Christians, people that share the same standard of truth and worship the same God then we have trouble in our lives.  The reason is because a non-Christian can’t give us the support that we need, as Christians, when we need help in our lives.  They will not consider things wrong that we know are sin, they won’t understand the value of giving away money to people you have never met, and they will not agree with your commitment to worship and glorify God.  Our closest friends need to be Christians to help us when things get difficult.  I like what Rick Warren wrote about this subject in The Purpose Driven Life; “We need a small group of friends to have faith in God for us and to pull us through.  In a small group, the Body of Christ is real and tangible even when God seems distant.” That is the very thing you miss out on when you make non-believers the closest people in your life.

Consider what the apostle Paul wrote about our need to be part of the Church:
Just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function, so it is with Christ’s body.  We are all parts of his one body, and each of us has different work to do.  And since we are all one body in Christ, we belong to each other and each of us needs all the others. (Romans 12:4, 5; NLT)
We need each other.  God created the church so we can be helped when we need help, and so we can help others when they need help.  It is so important that we work at developing friendships and deep relationships with the people that we worship with and who have the same commitment that we have.  When we do this our lives will be blessed and our relationship with God strengthened. 
Life is tough.  Because of this fact we need Christians in our lives.  Rebecca St. James wrote; “We need friends in our lives that remind us about what is really important.”  Do you have those type of friends?

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