Saturday, March 27, 2010

God's Love and My Desire

Here is the most amazing truth: God loves you!  I know for some of you that is seems so hard to believe.  You don’t “feel” God’s love and your life is full of hassles and problems.  In your mind, if God really did love you, He would make your life good and fill your with a warm fuzzy feeling.  Since that is not how your life is, you make the assumption that either God doesn’t exist or God doesn’t love you.  How wrong you are!
God loves us.  His love is all around us, calling us to accept Him as our Father and Lord.  We have the choice to either reject or accept that love.  We can choose to see God’s love or we can choose to ignore it.  The choose is ours.
Now you may wonder how I can write about God’s love as if it were right out there within our reach.  That is because it is.  Rebecca St. James once wrote, “I really believe so many times God ‘calls out’ to us through everyday things and through His creation, and yet we don’t hear because we’re too busy of distracted.”  God’s love is shown is so many different ways but we miss it.  We are either looking for something that God’s love isn’t (a perpetual warm fuzzy), we are consumed with the day to day of life, or we have chosen to subsitute that love for something else.  Just because you don’t “feel” loved by God doesn’t mean that God’s love for you isn’t real.
I know God’s love exists and I know that He loves me.  There is the evidence of that love found in the love of my family and friends.  I have found proof of God’s love in answered prayers and guidance.  God’s love has been revealed in the peace and confidence that I have in my life.  I can see God’s love everyday as I walk among His creation and marvel at what He has done.  But all of this pales in the light of the great revelation of God’s love. Remember the apostle Paul's words from the book of Romans:
When were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners. Now, no one is likely to die for a good person, though someone might be willing to die for a person who is especially good. But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. (Romans 5:6-8; NLT)     

You know why Jesus’ death is the great demonstration of God’s love?  One reason is that God is under no obligation to save us.  There is no force outside of God that dictates that He has to save human beings.  That was God’s choice.  Because of His mercy, grace, and love God decided to save us rather than destory us. 
A second reason is because God doesn’t need us.  Humans do not fill some need God has for companionship.  God, being three in one, has all the companionship that He needs, but it is His faithfulness to creation, a desire to give us a chance to experience His great joy, that God saves us.  His love is totally unconditional.  His love is not based on who we are or want we have done, it is totally based on His character.
The third reason why Jesus is the ultimate demonstration of God’s love is the pain it caused.  This was not something that was easy for God.  It was not easy for Jesus.  Real pain was involved, pain that exceeded the physical pain of crucifixion.  As Jesus took on our sins, he was separated from God.  We will never fully understand, this side of heaven, the love it took for Jesus to go to the cross.
Does God love you?  He loves you more than you can imagine.  It is experienced everyday we walk with God.  It is seen in creation, in our families and friends, and in circumstances as we surrender to God.  But that is key.  To experience God’s love you have to walk in His ways.  If you are missing out on God’s love it is time to surrender your life to Him.  He has the love, do you have the desire?

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