Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Work of Art

Take a moment and make a list of things you want to accomplish with your life.  Before you die what do you want to do?  How do you want your friends and family to remember you?  What is your passion and love?  How do you want your life defined?  Just jot down a note or two, it doesn’t have to be long.  What is your grand dream?
I want you to imagine that you are an artist.  I don’t care what type of an artist: a painter, a sculptor, a musician, an author.  You set out to create the work that will define your life.  You put hours of labor and love into the task of creating, sacrificing your free time and your money.  When difficulties arise with your creation, you patiently work out the problems.  Your creation becomes your passion, and you find both joy and frustration as you work on it.  Finally it is ready for the unveiling, and you have a big party for the unveiling. 
Your friends, family, and peers are all greatly impressed with your efforts.  Your work is met with critical acclaim, being proclaimed in the papers as a masterpiece.
Fast forward twenty years into the future.  One day you are walking the streets of a large city, and on the top of the dumpster is your grand masterpiece.  You look at it and shake your head, for you did not create it for the garbage dump.  You take your work, dust it off, and your begin your work to reclaim it.
For we are God’s masterpiece.  He created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things that he planned for us long ago (Ephesians 2:10, NLT).
Each and every one of us is a masterpiece.  There are a few differences between us and a work of art.  The first is that we are a work in progress.  At this very moment we are God’s masterpieces, but God is still creating us, making us better.  The second is that we can decide whether or not we want to be made anew.  A piece of clay, a canvas, a hunk of granite, or a piece of paper has no choice of what happens to it.  We have the ability to allow God to influence us, to mold us, to create us, or to tell Him to get away from us.  Third, the destiny of art is rather discouraging.   Sooner or later it will be trashed and destroyed.  Our destiny is so much better.  It is the promise of God that we will not be trashed!  He promises us an abundant life now and everlasting life in Heaven.
I want you to look at the list of things you want to accomplish with your life.  As great as some of those things are, God’s plans for you are even greater.  I don’t mean that you will experience more material blessings or even an easier life, but your life will be better.  The only way you will experience that better life is to let God influence your life.  God has to mold you, He has to create you in order for you to meet your destiny.

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