Friday, June 18, 2010

Shun Evil

Consider what Gregory Boyd wrote:
"If love is the goal, it could not be otherwise. God chose to create a world in which evil was possible only in the sense that he chose to create a world in which love was possible. The possibility of evil is not a second decision God makes; it is implies in the single decision to have a world in which love is possible. It is, in effect, the metaphysical price God must pay if he wants to arrive at a bride who says yes to his triune love" (Satan and the Problem of Evil; p. 55)
The nature of love implies a choice. Since there is a choice being made means that there is a possibility of rejection as well. Evil is the result of God's creation rejecting His love.

One of the ways we can fight evil is to make the choice to love: to love God and to love His creation. That choice is played out as we worship, serve the needy, listen to the lonely, or clean up a polluted planet. We need to chose love and shun evil.

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