Thursday, June 17, 2010

It is God’s Initiative

We can never find God on our own.  Our finite minds could never grasp the infinite God through our normal means of study.  Elias Dantas, in an essay published in Christ the One and Only, wrote;
God takes the initiative in approaching us, in disclosing to us that he wants us to know him.  God reveals himself to human beings, and by revealing himself, discloses his love for us, and his desire to enter into a relationship with us” (p. 15).

The reality that God desires to have a relationship with us is so mind blowing that we could never grasp it without God taking the initiative to reveal the truth to us.  We may able to deduce something of God’s power and intelligence by looking at the design of nature, but His love for us would always allude us.  For a relationship to exist with God He has to be the one to take the initiative to make it happen.

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