Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Hope

Psalm 43:5
Lord God,
You are worthy of my worship and praise. As I examine my life I am overwhelmed with the blessings and help You have given me. I am reminded, once again, that You have not given up on me.

Heavenly Father, You are aware of how depression and the trials of life rob me of hope and joy. I ask to be rescued from this dark pit, put Your light in my heart so I am able to align my heart with Your love and Your promises. Remind me that hope is discovered in my intentional worship of You. Help me to focus on Jesus so that my faith will be strengthened and my worship be truly heartfelt. In Christ's name I pray, amen.

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KarBar said...

Paul, prayers to you as you struggle with this depression. You know this is just the enemy trying to get you to block your own blessings, claim it HE WILL NOT WIN. Count it all joy, troubles and trials come to make you strong. Think about it; there cannot be a rainbow without rain. Read this article by Mark Brown:

I promise I'm not a robot =) I will pray for you to get through this valley quickly. Stay in prayer always. In Jesus name I pray for you. Amen

pbsteele said...

Thank you for your comment, prayers, and the link (that post resonated a lot with me). This prayer was actually one I wrote a couple of months ago, I am actually doing well at the moment. The reason I shared it is because I am hoping to have a section of sample prayers to help lead people who are struggling with prayer. I hope you have enjoyed reading my Ponderings. Stop by again.

KarBar said...

I dig your blog....alot of things you post make me think and are helping me in this time of my life. I'm glad you are doing well, depression is hard no matter the cause but I'm glad you got out of it! All honor and glory to God because He is an awesome God and worthy to be praised! Take care, be blessed.

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