Saturday, December 11, 2010

Daily Thought: Having a Close Walk with God

"This is how he honors us.  When God created each of us, he gave us a will, and that beautiful and mysterious inner life we call the soul.  Just as you would want to give your growing son or daughter room to make his or her own decisions, God steps back a bit to let us make ours.  These simple moments of decision are filled with significance.  When I choose to avoid whatever it is God has brought up, something in me weakens.  Something feels compromised.  It is at least a refusal to mature.  But it is also a refusal to step toward God.  Thankfully, the opposite is true.  When I choose to face the uncertain, admit the neglect, or enter into my fears, something in me grows up a little bit.  I feel strengthened.  The scales tip toward a closer walk with God."~ John Eldredge, Walking with God, p.65

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