Monday, December 27, 2010

Daily Thought: Seek With Your Whole Heart

"The impotence of the church is greatly due to the fact that this cross-bearing mind of Jesus is so little preached and practiced.  Most Christians  think that as  long as they don't commit actual sin, they are at liberty to possess and enjoy as much of the world as they please.  There is so little insight into the deep  truth that the world, and the flesh that loves the world, is enmity against God. Consequently, many Christians seek and pray for years for conformity to the image of Jesus, yet fail so entirely.  They do not seek with the whole heart to know what it is to die to self and the world." ~  Andrew Murray, The Best of Andrew Murray, p. 111

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middy1 said...

Obedience in all areas of Life.
Is all in my life dedicated
and submitted to the Will of God?
If I hold back any part,
not giving ALL to God....
Then I can expect
some separateness from God
and miss out on
the Blessings he intends for me?
My human nature wants to be in control,
I can do this....
Have I asked God if it is okay,
and in his will?
If God reigns supreme in my life,
I will want him involved in ALL
things of my life.
God help my heart and soul
to be consumed by your presence,
your guidance, your faithfulness,
your Holy Word and the peace
that comes from all of this.
May you reside in me,
and may I live my Life
for your Holy Purposes.

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