Saturday, December 04, 2010

Celebrating One Night In Bethlehem Day 1

He Loves Us

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”
John 3:16; ESV

Why does one night, which happened over 2,000 years ago, in the tiny town of Bethlehem matter to us?

There is a lot of effort put into celebrating this event.  We put up decorations, buy gifts, attend numerous parties and events, and eat a variety of yummy food. I think we can agree that Christmas is a wonderful time of year.

The problem that many of us face is that with all the effort we put into the celebration and all the money we spend to show our love to friends and family the true reason for the season seems to escape us.  Year after year Christmas seems to become more about the festivities rather than the true purpose of the celebration.

Over the next twelve days I want to help you to be intentional about focusing on the reason why one night in Bethlehem is worth all this effort.  Christmas is not worth celebrating because we have the joy of giving and receiving gifts or because we have fun with friends and family.  The reason we celebrate Christmas begins with the wonderful reality that God loves us.

I know we have heard it a hundred different times, but it is true, and ultimately it is God’s love that is reason behind Christmas.

Imagine what it means for God to love you.  The image the comes to my mind is the image of God putting an arm around my shoulder and whispering in my ear, “I am proud of you!”

What is the image that comes to your mind?  Is it God inviting you to sit on His knee? Is it God running towards you with His arms open wide? How do you long for God to reveal His love to you?

The image of God’s love that we receive at Christmas is the image of God giving us the most precious gift, the one thing that we truly needed, His One and Only Son.  Jesus is the personification of God’s love.

This is the point that I want you to meditate on today: Christmas is a celebration of God’s love.


saburi pandit said...
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saburi pandit said...

i c god with his arms wide open standing in front of me..nd d yellow lite cumin from him is stunning..
i ♥ god :)

Tom L said...

well said Paul, - Love, the overwhelming motivation behind God's pursit of us through Jesus, never grows old. Cherish Jesus' Love this Christmas

middy1 said...

God Almighty, creator and omnipotent one…
Perfect and Holy love for His creation.
God leaving His Heavenly Home
To become the Blood Sacrifice
For the sin of all mankind.
God humbly came as a babe in a manger,
His desire ….
To Be Emmanuel, God With Us
God For Us, and
God In Us.
Teacher, Healer but most important
Holy and ever obedient
To bring God all Glory, Honor and Praise.
Jesus, a humble servant.
A peaceful and compassionate
Example for all.
The unconditional, sacrificial Blood gift
Of forgiveness…
Restoring man’s bond with God.
Love for us so immense,
It is hard to fathom.
Can we give Him our all?
He gave a love beyond words.
The intent and motive of our heart.
Hunger and thirst for more of God…
An intimate relationship.
The one we obey,
The one we learn from,
The one we trust,
The one who guides our life,
The one who comforts us,
The one who loves us so much.

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