Saturday, January 22, 2011

Daily Thought: We Cannot Remain the Same

"You cannot follow Jesus and remain the same. The journey itself will change you forever--notonly your priorities, but your passions. It alters not only your direction, but your desires. It transforms not only your actions, but your values. It makes you just like Christ and unlike anyone else. It is nothing less than leaving the fake for the real. There is great risk in abandoning the artificial in pursuit of the authentic. Yet if we've never known the real thing, it is easy to understand why we are mesmerized with the best versions of the imitation." ~ Erwin McManus, Uprising, page 35


Pat said...

Hello Paul
Just found your sight while blog hopping tonight,I enjoyed your devotional,how true being in Christ Jesus will bring about changes.

Colleen said...

Nice post. Keep on posting. I like.

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