Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Waiting for Rob Bell | Jesus Creed

In light of the post about Rob Bell from yesterday I think this from Scot McKnight is worth pondering:
I’ve not read the book, and I don’t trust blurbs or excerpts. Nor do I trust my own judgment of watching a provocative promo video and think I know where he’s going. Nor do I trust those who say they have read the book or parts of the book.
I think the entire post at Jesus Creed is worth reading, but I think this paragraph gets to the heart of what I was trying to communicate.  It is too easy to fire off a blog or a tweet in response to something we disagree with and not give the issue the amount of thought and reflection it requires.   Yes, we need to guard against false teachers, but we also have to be sensitive to the voice of the Spirit.


Ben Witherington has also chimed in:
 Frankly this is all too typical of the hyper-Calvinistic wing of the Evangelical world.   Shoot first, ask questions later.   They’ve even given a Reformed Evangelical like Tom Wright this sort of treatment in some cases.
It is that shoot first and ask questions later mentality that I was questioning in my post yesterday.  I find it rather sad and frustrating because it really squelches any type of meaningful discussion.  The whole thing between John Piper and N. T. Wright over justification is just another example.  Don't be so eager to label someone as a false teacher or a hertic, because they might be saying something you need to hear.

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