Monday, April 18, 2011

Daily Thought: Obedience Matters

"Obedience to God is not a minor matter.  Obedience is our very life, with God!  It should again be remembered that 'partial obedience' is really disobedience with God! This is true for every person.  God plays no favorites and makes no exceptions!...Today, too many are convinced that all God is looking for in their belief of Him is a verbal statement of faith! This is not true and never has been true.  God said to Abraham that He knew He believed Him, and feared Him, because he 'obeyed My voice' and did what God commanded, offered up his only son, the son he loved." ~ Henry Blackaby, Created to be God's Friend, p. 176


Liane said...

Talk has become so incredibly cheap :( People often talk about the Bible philosophically - it is what others want to hear, but they quickly say not to exaggerate, or not to be too spiritual when it comes to actually putting your money where your mouth is. Yet indeed, God is more interested in our obedient actions than all the right words. The 'DO' is the real test of character.

Paul Steele said...

Obedience is one spiritual discipline that is often overlooked. We want to make faith just about what we believe, and in the process we miss out on the true transformation God wants to bring into our lives. Obedient faith is the path that God uses to transform our lives.

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