Monday, May 02, 2011

Daily Thought: A Desire to Hear God

"Comprehending the Bible is not only a matter of developing a fine studious mind; it is also a matter of the heart.  We must desire to have seeing eyes and listening ears, coming to Scripture with a desire to hear what God wants us to say.  We must beware of imposing our agendas and conclusions, even finding answers to our questions that God never intended to answer." ~ Robert Lowery, Revelation's Rhapsody, p. 115


Liane said...

This can be tricky when there is lots of emotion connected to something going on in your life - for me that is a challenge right now. I really want to hear God's voice, but in some ways things feel so cluttered that I feel unable to hear Him. I'm sure I'm not the first (or the last one) who's ever been challenged with this... I really pray that Holy Spirit show me what GOD is saying and not what I want to be said.

Paul Steele said...

It certainly can be tricky at times. I think it is good to admit this, and to ask God to open the ears of our hearts so we are able to discern His voice among all the competing voices which vie for our attention.

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