Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Daily Thought: It is Better to be a Believer

"Regardless of what a Christian goes though, it is better to suffer as a believer than to live as a pagan...We may suffer evil men's schemes.  We may even suffer from natural disasters.  But when we put our head to the pillow at night, we need not fear death, feel shame, wrestle with remorse, carry guilt, search for hope, worry over our destiny or wonder about our destination.  We don't have to dodge demons, live with locusts, run from horsemen, or cower under Satanic attack.  More than all this, we don't have to face God in a contest of colossal proportions.  In fact, he stands with us as our shield and first line of defense." ~ Mark Moore, How to Dodge a Dragon: A Devotional Reading of Revelation, p. 53


Liane said...

Knowing the Lord is the best thing that has happened to me for sure!!

Paul Steele said...

Glad to hear that. We should experience hope right now as we follow Jesus, no matter what the circumstances are that effect our lives.

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