Saturday, May 21, 2011

Engagement Pictures

Two weeks ago Jenny and I had our engagement pictures taken in Rochester, MN by a couple of her friends.  They did a great job and I thought I would share with you some of the pictures.  You can find some posted at the photographer's blog: Justin Moreland's Design and Photography. Here are couple of my favorites that didn't make the blog.

These are my top two favorites since they focus on the Beauty and not the Beast.

As you can see from the count down our wedding day is fast approaching.  Just 35 more days!!!!


Charlotte said...

Paul, You look so happy. Your "beauty" does, too. I loved seeing your engagement picturs!! Thanks for posting them.
Blessings to the both of you!!
Charlotte :)

Liane said...

These are some beautiful pic's. It's hard to pick a favorite. I also like black and white photo's very much. You guys really do look happy :)

Liane said...

Paul, just double check the hyperlink. The "J" in Justin's name for his website address is missing and therefore the browser doesn't find it :)

Paul Steele said...

Thanks Charlotte we are very happy. It is amazing how this spring has flown by and that the day of our wedding is fast approaching.

Liane thank you for the catch on the hyperlink, it is fixed now. I agree the pictures are very beautiful.

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