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Daily Thought: Jesus is not a Product

"That is how I felt about some of the preachers I heard speak.  They were always pointing out the benefits of Christian faith.  That rubbed me wrong.  It's not that there aren't benefits, there are, but did they have to talk about spirituality like it's a vacuum cleaner.  I never felt like Jesus was a product.  I wanted Him to be a person." ~ Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz, p.131


It is true how this generation of humans tend to treat our Lord and Savior as a product that they can market or score political points with. This is something that we must live with but we're living through the events in the Book of Revelations. The events such as the tribulation of course have not come yet neither has the coming of the Antichrist but we're getting there. The people who use the Lord's name as a product will get their reward...
Uziel said…
First of all I love your blog's title (and the picture). If you think about it, Jesus had been a product since Christians had been founded. It's a shame but it's true, now what could you expect from a non-believer if the leaders of the church treat the Lord like that. Just think about it ...
And Joshua you're completely right, they will get their reward...
Best of wishes :P
Paul Steele said…
Joshua thanks for commenting. Though I would challenge your view of Revelation. First and foremost you have to remember that the book of Revelation was given to the first century Church to give them hope in very difficult times, in tribulation. It was not written to give us a blue print for the End Time.

Uziel, thanks for stopping by and reading my little blog.
Paul Steele,

The Book of Revelation is written by John the Apostle and it has been verified as so for over two thousand years. If you read through half the book after it utterly most predicts the chaos in Europe regarding Catholicism (Sir Isaac Newton picked this up) then heads on to future events like the Jews returning to Israel.

This happen in 1944 as a political move for British Parliament or empathy since World War II was still going on at that time. Near the end of the Book of Revelation, it utterly most predicts a nation or nations that will back Israel in a time of need; this time of need is when the Anti Christ (a political figure) will try to destroy Israel, I mean actually destroy it not the rhetoric that's been over there for the past ten years.

The Anti Christ is a political figure and it shows if you look around you, the nations around Israel are Democracies but they're heavily abused by manipulative leaders. This an example of what our country might be lead to if we get our act together. The Anti Christ in the Bible, the truth, is the "Messiah" or the Last Imam of Islam if you read through the Qu'ran or at least studied/research about it from objective sources.

BTW, Mohammad is by no means a Prophet. He is exactly what Christ was talking about when it came to false prophets using the Word to justify their cause.
Paul Steele said…
You have to realize that there is more than one way to read and interpret Revelation. All I want you to do is take some time and evaluate other views. Being an amillennialist myself I don't buy your presentation of the book. Remember John in chapter 1 verse 9 says that he is a partner with the original readers in tribulation. The Jesus gave Revelation to John as an encouragement to all who go through the tribulation and hardships of life. It is a reminder that no matter how bad things are now, and they are bad, that God wins in the end. First and foremost Revelation should be interpreted in the light of giving hope to people who are ready to give up in the face of extreme tribulation.

There is only one interpretation but many implications. Moreover, yes I agree that the Book of Revelation gives us hope that in the end our Heavenly Father wins. I would just like to add to your comment; the Book of Revelation is also a series of events that is meant to tell us what the future will be if we, human beings, don't get our act together. I believe that our Heavenly Father revealed these events to us with a purpose, he has hope in us that these events that he predetermined won't happen. Unfortunately, the human race continues to be blinded on what's going on and we keep on repeating history. I'm sure that our Heavenly Father still has hope in us that we might get it together on our own, I sense that this is something new that our Heavenly Father is doing here.

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