Friday, July 22, 2011

Daily Thought: Kingdom-of-God Activity

"To promote law, order, and justice is good, and we certainly should do all we can to support this.  But to love enemies, forgive transgressors, bless persecutors, server sinners, accept social rejects, abolish racist walls, share resources with the poor, bear the burden of neighbors, suffer with the oppressed—all the while making no claims to promote oneself—this is beautiful; this is Christlike.  Only this, therefore, is distinct kingdom-of-God activity." ~ Gregory Boyd, The Myth of a Christian Nation, p. 103


Anonymous said...

Nice thought, there, buddy. If you want you can check out my blog too.

Liane said...

I think I've come quite a long way with change as an individual or helping/inspiring someone else to change/grow as an individual, but I'm not good at the group 'thing': tolerating others' weaknesses when it also affects me and it seems like they're not helping themselves or others with their choices. From a distance it is easy; when you're sort of untouchable. I get frustrated because I don't have control over it and I struggle to accept it. Some inspiring words - and true; I agree - but quite hard for me.

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