Thursday, July 21, 2011

Daily Thought: Pointless and Vague Prayers

"And yet how much of our prayer is vague and pointless. Some cry for mercy, but take not the trouble to know what mercy must do for them. Others ask, perhaps, to be delivered from sin, but do not begin by bringing any sin by name from which the deliverance may be claimed. Still others pray for God's blessing on those around them, for the outpouring of God's Spirit on their land or the world, and yet have no special field where they wait and expect to see the answer. To all the Lord says: And what is it now you really want and expect Me to do?" ~ Andrew Murray, With Christ in the School of Prayer, Kindle Version

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Joshua the Centrist said...

It's a struggle when some individuals simply pray to ask for forgiveness and then move on with their lives, repeating themselves, in the process. Personally, I treat prayer as literally a conversation between our Heavenly Father and I which I speak from my spirit on current events, my family's lifestyles, my struggles, and things that pertain to my future in politics. Wonderful blog, check mine out, bro.

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