Monday, July 25, 2011

A New Job

Jenny and I have been married a month!  I am very thankful that it didn't take very long to find a job in Austin.  It is hard not preaching, but right now I am exactly where God wants me to be. My job is working with four guys who have mental disabilities.  They all live together in a house and I am one of the staff that help them live as independently as possible.

It might be quiet for the next couple of days as I adjust my time with my new work schedule.  As always thanks for reading.


Joshua the Centrist said...

Well, our Heavenly Father has blessed you with the ability to take care of others and I totally respect your cause.

middy1 said...

Welcome to Texas Paul and Jenny. I am thankful for you both, that God met your need for a job. There is a purpose for this job and this move you have had to make. You will excel as a caregiver Paul. Consider this just a short sabbatical from preaching. Wish there was an opening for a pastor here in Lubbock, Texas within your denomination. The church I attend has no pastor right now. I go to the First Church of the Nazarene. You are a very good preacher. I listened to all your sermons when you put them here on the blog. You will preach again. Patience. God has a wonderful plan for you and Jenny and your future. Blessings to you always.
Your friend in Christ, Sandra

Liane said...

Being right where you believe you belong is very important. I love that place because I believe that there is a time and place in God's plan. He is detailed. He doesn't just mess around. I pray that you will fulfill all the purpose you need to while you're doing what you're doing, and as you honor God with your obedience may He be glorified.

Paul Steele said...

Thanks for the welcome Sandra, though I am afraid that I didn't move to Austin, TX but to Austin, MN the home of SPAM. So about the confusion.

It is amazing the sense of peace I have felt since moving to Austin. There is no place I would rather be right now.

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