Monday, August 08, 2011

Daily Thought: Our Calling

"Our primary calling as followers of Christ is by him, to him, and for him. First and foremost we are called to Someone (God), not to something (such as motherhood, politics, or teaching) or to somewhere (such as the inner city or Outer Mongolia).

"Our secondary calling, considering who God is as sovereign, is that everyone, everywhere, and everything should think, speak, live, and act entirely for him.  We can therefore properly say as a matter of secondary calling that we are called to homemaking or to the practice of law or to art history.  But these and other things are always the secondary, never the primary calling.  They are 'callings' rather than the 'calling.' They are our personal answer to God's address, our response to God's summons.  Secondary callings matter, but only because the primary calling matters most." ~ Os Guinness, The Call, p. 31


gynecologist mesa az said...

The words used are so strong and inspiring.

Mrs C said...

I have asked the question of many of my christian friends "why are we 'left' here when we are saved" they all without fail told me because the world needs saving and to be the salt and thw light and so on... I agree that we need to be these things...
However, it is refreshing to read this note because what I get from reading the Word(and why I asked the Q) is that our primary 'calling' is to love God, serve and worship Him... everything else is secondary and in fact comes only from that place of service and love.

Really enjoy your blog - keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

The Calling can be something that involves politics which is the running of a society. I hope you now know this because all believers should be conscious aware and vote in every single election.

Paul Steele said...

Mrs. C thanks for taking time to read. Everything in our lives flows from that reality that we are called to God and that we find our life, love, and purpose in Him. Only then when the other aspects of our lives be worked out.

Joshua, our calling is always to God first. It must be, for only in God do we discover what it means to be created in His image. Our primary calling will never be to politics, ministry, etc, it will always be to God Himself. Our secondary callings always flow out of that relationship.

I don't think it is necessary for Christians to be involved in the politics of this world. Why would I vote for people who don't share my views or beliefs? As a Christian, a pacifist, and a libertarian I choose to abstain from voting. I will not be a partner to the death and destruction the US government commits around the world.

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