Sunday, August 07, 2011

Daily Thought: We Have a Call

"Most of us often have the idea that God must have a special calling on our lives, a particular end for us to accomplish, and we must find out what it is for us.  If we have no such calling from God, then we have not been selected by him for special service, and we can only live out our lives as drones in the kingdom, one monotonous and unimportant day at a time.  But we need to understand that that is our idea, not God's." ~ Brother Andrew, The Calling, p. 35


Liane said...

Compared to what my life used to be and what it has (seemingly) become I have been starting to have the idea described in this piece. And NO, it is not God's idea - I really need this to change in my heart. Good post, thanks.

dradel52 said...

droI like your post, and let me share your post to my friends. I believe that even I don't know what I supposed to be, for making the duty that God's call me for, but I believe, He leads me day by day to find it out. There is no need to be "some one special who makes special service". We can always make our service to God by doing our daily job perfectly and honestly.

Paul Steele said...

You are welcome Liane. It is easy to slip into the mentality that there are a certain number of "jobs" that are "Christian" and used for the advancement of God's Kingdom and if we don't fall into one of those jobs our main responsibility is to support those who do. This can become very discouraging. Remember first and foremost we our calling is to God from who we get our identity and purpose.

dradel52 you can share any post of mine with your friends. I am glad these words encouraged you.

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