Friday, September 23, 2011

Daily Thought: Look to the Lord

"Every time we set our eyes on the size of the battle we will shrink from the task.  Every time we look to Him, we leave in peace with the assurance that the battle is the Lord's.  It is so easy to be discouraged with the failures and duplicities of politicians and power mongers around the world.  We see millions living under tyrannies and despotism nicely dressed up in ideological reasons.  We witness incredibly harsh rhetoric against things sacred.  We are troubled by trends in the arts and particularly by the way television has trivialized the sacred and glorified the profane.  Our heroes are more possessed by fame and adulation than they are with things that matter.  Nations that once realized that God is God and is worthy of our worship now treat religion as a vestige of primitive thinking.  It seem that a mighty army is closing in upon the church.  Is God still in control?  He who is and was, will ever by the sovereign Lord of the universe." ~ Ravi Zacharias, Cries from the Heart, pp. 27-28

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