Saturday, September 24, 2011

Daily Thought: We Need to Commit

"So in case someone left it out or forgot to mention it when they explained what it meant to be a Christian, let me be clear:  There is no forgiveness without repentance.  There is no salvation without surrender.  There is no life without death.  There is no believing without committing." ~ Kyle Idleman, Not a Fan, p. 35

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Liane said...

This is a pretty clear and simple explanation, Paul. I've heard so many people question whether I'm saying that they will go to hell if they don't accept Jesus. Well, doesn't the Bible say that no one comes to the Father except through the Son? So instead of feeling condemned, why not step into Christ - Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ... In the end however, God is the judge, but why not just do what His Word says in the meantime.

We watched a program the other night where this guy was interviewing people to determine the answer to the question "Why are we here?" One person was very upset in a discussion about God and said, "How can God expect of us to love Him so we can have eternal life?" It sounded like the guy thought that was too much to ask - a punishment of sorts - vs. the good thing of living with God forever. Well, the first point is that SO MUCH DID HE LOVE US! I was amazed at how hard it seemed for this man to just accept that someone could love him - and God loved first. He gave first. There is nothing more amazing in my life than knowing Him. Best decision I ever made!

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