Thursday, September 22, 2011

Linkage: Getting the Most from the Gospels

Having grown up in a Christian family and being around church my entire life it is easy to approach the Bible with a confidence that I know what is being said, and in the process miss what God wants to communicate.  In this article from The Christian Standard Matt Proctor challenges us approach the Gospels with fresh lenses.
“Irresistibly drawn to Jesus.” That phrase describes many who have come to faith after reading the Gospels. Most of us love the Gospels because we love Jesus, and the Gospels bring us face to face with him. For some the Gospels are so familiar, though, that they miss truth contained there. A few helps can prevent that from happening. 
When he was growing up, Vince Antonucci’s parents never took him to church. Maybe it was because his mother was Jewish and his father was a professional gambler. Regardless, he knew nothing about Jesus. He says, “As far as I know, I had never even met a Christian.”

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