Sunday, September 11, 2011

Linkage: Intro to the End Times

Chuck McCoy was on of my professors at Nebraska Christian College.  He has written a series of articles on the End Times that I think are worth sharing.  One of the things I want to do as a teacher and a writer is to make people think.  The reason I am pointing you to Mr. McCoy's articles is to provide you with another way at looking at the End Times than you normally hear.  It is fine if you disagree, just know why you disagree.

1. A “User-friendly” introduction(All Scripture Quotations NAS)
Evaluating our beliefs about the “End Times” 
There is probably no subject that evokes as much excitement and curiosity (for all people) as does the issue of the future, where we are heading, and how things on this earth will end.  This is certainly true in the area of Biblical study and theology - eschatology (study of the end times) deals with trying to understand what the Bible teaches about the return of Christ, how human history and this world will end, and what follows.  Because of its widespread fascination to us, we must also be aware that there are dangers. 
Sensationalism - There is a real opening here for “exciting” but un-Biblical notions.  Some “scandal sheets” sell well in the grocery store check-out line because of their exciting headlines and wild pictures.  Notions about vast plagues, natural calamities, horrible dictators, major wars, etc. will attract a lot of interest.  Because people naturally tend to believe what is in print, there is also a problem with zealous advocates of certain end times scenarios inventing or passing on unsubstantiated claims that support their beliefs - I have encountered such things in Bible notes and paperback books.
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