Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Linkage: A Second Opinion

As many of the regular readers at Paul's Ponderings know, I have been influenced by John Eldredge.  One of the guys that works with John at Ransomed Heart Ministries who has also impacted my life is Craig McConnell.  Recently Craig shared some thoughts about living with cancer that I thought were worth sharing.
When cancer intrudes into your life it comes with a boatload of baggage. Some of it you’d expect: anxiety, an in-your-face mortality smack, physical symptoms, warring hell’s vermin, lifestyle changes and a profound desire to live and love as you never have. Some of the luggage catches you off guard. Shame for example, “Why am I so ashamed of myself, my life, my health, and every choice I’ve made in life?” Then there are the waves of confusion; hopelessness and despair that you thought your long storied walk with God would insulate you from. It didn’t for me. 
 Another piece of cancer’s luggage is the “unknown”. The “unknowns” about your specific cancer’s “personality”, the staging of your disease, the multiple treatment options and ultimately your prognosis. All too soon your cancer seems to metastasize to your marriage, children, finances, plans for Christmas, career and interest in UCLA Basketball.

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