Monday, October 17, 2011

Daily Thought: We Need to Live Out What We Believe

"Jesus makes a distinction between fans and followers by contrasting the word 'says' with the world 'does.' We live at a time when we have become increasingly comfortable with separating what we say we believe with how we live.  We have convinced ourselves that our beliefs are sincere even if they have no impact on how we live." ~ Kyle Idleman, Not a Fan, p. 104

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Liane said...

As Christians building on the truth of God's Word - then YES.

Just adding an interesting after thought... As I was looking through Facebook today I realized that people have been spending way too much time perfecting the art of speaking foolishness eloquently - trying to sound philosophical and impressing others. Not only are we not living what we say as Christians, but we spend all our time speaking nonsense that sound clever but contradict the principles of God's word. If the nonsense that I've come across is what people - Christians - say they believe, then I want to encourage them not to live it out. Rather first align what you say you believe with what God says, which is ultimately what you should believe - THEN live that out!

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