Monday, October 24, 2011

Linkage: Rev. Jobs Brings His Sermon to a Close

In these weeks since Steve Jobs' death the commencement he gave in 2005 at Stanford has become one of the most watched speeches ever.  Gary North has looked at that speech and has broken in up into three parts.  The third part I think is worth reading.
I have already covered two-thirds of Steve Jobs' 2005 commencement address to graduating students at Stanford. He adopted the powerful technique of telling stories from his life – stories from which he extracted fundamental principles of ethics and action. He used those personal stories as launching pads for conclusions relevant to his listeners' lives. This is not easy for a speaker to do, but when he does it well, it is highly effective. It can even change a few listeners' lives. 
The first story was on his dropping out of Reed College. Message: you cannot connect the dots of your life in advance, but you can in retrospect. 
Assumption: there is an overall coherence in life that we cannot see day by day. The second was on being fired from Apple in 1985, then re-hired in 1997. The message: don't settle in life. Don't compromise with your basic beliefs. Never quit. 
We now come to his third story. "My third story is about death." This is a good theme to end the story of any life.

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