Monday, October 17, 2011

The Way God Conquers

One of the founders of the faith movement that I am a part of (the Restoration Movement) is a man by the name of Alexander Campbell.  He was a man of deep convictions and one of those convictions was being anti-war.  It was reading his thoughts on the subject that changed my mind from being a support of US wars to opposing the wars.  I believe it is too easy for Christians to be pulled along by a sense of patriotism and a desire for justice and not fully consider the real consequences of war.  Not only have our current wars not brought about the justice we as a nation we seeking, but they have undermined many of the families of the soldiers who have been involved in them.  As a Christian I considered it my duty to oppose war.

Today I want to share with you something that Alexander Campbell said about how earthly kings conquer their enemies and the way God conquers His.
"He subdues by no other sword than that of the Spirit.  Other kings subdue men's persons and hold a sovereignty over their enemies, but he seizes the hearts of men.  To conquer enemies is his grand enterprise.  Philosophy as well as religion teaches us that to conquer enemies is not the work of swords, or lances, or bows of steel.  It is not to bind men's persons to a triumphal car, to incarcerate them in strong holds, or to make them surrender to superior bravery, prowess and strength.  To conquer an enemy is to convert him into a friend.  This is the noble, benevolent and heaven-conceived enterprise of God's only-begotten Son.  To do this all arms and modes of warfare are impotent, save the arms and munitions of everlasting love.  By vivid displays of God's philanthropy he approaches his enemies, and by the arguments with which this eloquence is fraught he addresses a rebel world.  Such is his mode of warfare; a system devised in heaven, and like all of God's means, perfectly adapted to the high ends proposed" (Disciple of Peace, Craig Watts, p. 55).
As Christians we should be quick to build bridges and slow to bomb bridges.  Even as a nation we would be much safer and more secure if we followed this advice in our foreign policy. That is one of the reasons I support Ron Paul for president.

I have turned off comments to this post, because I really want you to reflect on your own position. If you come to a different conclusion that is fine and I will still consider you a fellow follower of Christ, but I thought it was important to let you know what I believe.

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