Tuesday, November 01, 2011

God's Well of Health

Since my prayer times have felt unfocused and undisciplined I have been using Celtic Prayers from Iona to guide my times of prayer.  This morning as I was praying one of the prayers used for Tuesday morning ended with this phrase; "And let me be made pure in the well of your health" (p. 25).  For whatever reason this phrase stood out to me, and so I took a few moments to reflect on it.

What occurred to me is that our physical health is of little value if our hearts and spirits are sick.  God's well of health not only brings healing to our bodies, ultimately when we receive our resurrected bodies of God's Kingdom, but also bring purity to our hearts and spirits.  God's healing strips away the corruption and decay of sin so that the purity of His image can shine through our lives.

We need to be reminded that even though our physical bodies are falling apart and the ravages of time are becoming more evident with each passing day, that God's healing is still at work in our lives.  Our hearts, minds, and spirits are be transformed from the ugliness of corruption to the beauty of purity.  May we be made pure in the well of God's health.

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