Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Linkage: Following Jesus Doesn't Work For Us

If we are honest there are times when following Jesus isn't all that wonderful.  We came to Jesus hoping that He would make our lives better, and in certain ways He has, but now there also seems to be a whole new layer of problems that we never had to deal with before.  We were hoping for our best life now, and Jesus tells us that we have to wait.

Hebrews 11 illustrates this reality.  All those people mentioned did not experience the fullness of God's promise while they lived.  In fact, for the anonymous majority they were persecuted and killed for their faith.  So they might have been able to enjoy miracles here and there, their lives were also filled with heartache and pain.

In this essay, Following Jesus Doesn't Work,  Gregory Boyd deals with the this issue of discipleship.  The bottom line is the Jesus doesn't work for us, but we are to work for Him.
I met a middle aged woman one day who told me she had given up on Christianity. “It just didn’t work for me,” she said. My response was: “What on earth made you think Jesus was supposed to work for you? The truth is that you were supposed to work for him.” 
The sentiment is widespread. I seems that many assume Jesus is supposed to be our personal magical genie who grants our wishes, at least some of the time. Such a magical view of faith is catastrophic, for people abandon what they thought was the Christian faith when it doesn’t work. And worse, people think they’re embracing the Christian faith when it does.

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