Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Making Your Voice Louder

On SteveDeace.com Jen Green summarizes the details of a focus group looking the the Republican candidates for president.  The point I would like to make comes from question #2: What is the real problem you have with Ron Paul?
Most in the group said their biggest concern with Ron Paul is his foreign policy, but they also take issue with his “extreme” position on state’s rights on all the social issues.
I understand that people are concerned about Ron Paul's foreign policy because they are scared of the Muslim bogeyman.  Though I think that is an irrational and ultimately uninformed position to take I know that many conservatives are scared about Iran getting a nuke and other terrorist threats.

Here is what I really want people to understand: That Ron Paul's "extreme" position  on state rights would make their voice louder and more valuable.  On a national stage our voice is basically drowned out by larger and more influential voices.  Lobbyists and even bigger states have bigger voices than what we have or then what smaller states have.  If we returned more power to the states two positive things would happen.  First, we would have more of a say on things the truly matter to us and directly effect us.  Something that might have a positive effect for California may have a negative effect for Iowa.  If the states had more power California could pass a law that might benefit them, but it wouldn't effect Iowa.  Aside from that we would have a greater chance of having our voices heard.  In the last 30 years where have the best anti-abortion efforts have come from?  They have come from State governments.  On the Federal level virtually nothing has happened.  If abortion was given back over to States, that would allow State governments to make abortion illegal.  Right now it is like we are shouting in a 100, 000 seat stadium and our voice is getting lost in the noise.  Go to a smaller stadium, then you have a great chance at being heard.

The second positive thing that would come from this is that it would give people a chance to vote with their feet.  If one state funded abortion with tax dollars then a citizen of that state could decide to move to a state where the state not only did not fund abortion, but made it illegal.  We don't have that option right now.  When it is managed at Federal level you are stuck with it wherever you go, unless you gave up your privileges of US citizenship and move to a different country.  Not many of us a willing to do that, partly because there really isn't any place else to go.  So leaving things in the hands of the Federal government reduces our options on how to deal with bad legislation.  When state government see their tax revenue fall because people are moving out of the state it would force them to at least consider what that is happening.

What this tells me is that most conservatives, in spite of their talking points, are not interested in a small government.  Ultimately conservatives want a large federal government that does things their way.  That is why the United States will continue down the road to destruction, because people are not willing to see that that there is a better way to govern.  The best way to reduce the size of the federal government is to return power to the states.

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