Friday, December 09, 2011

Daily Thought: The Feast of Salvation

"Jesus's salvation is a feast, and therefore when we believe in and rest in his work for us, through the Holy Spirit he becomes real to our hearts.  His love is like honey, or like wine.  Rather than only believing that he is loving, we can come to sense the reality, the beauty, and the power of his love.  His love can become more real to you than the love anyone else.  It can delight, galvanize, and console you.  That will lift you up and free you from fear like nothing else.

"This makes all the difference.  If you are filled with shame and guilt, you do not merely need to believe in the abstract concept of God's mercy.  You must sense on the palate of the heart, as it were, the sweetness of his mercy.  Then you will know you are accepted.  If you are filled with worry and anxiety, you do not only need to believe that God is in control of history.  You must see, with eyes of the heart, his dazzling majesty.  Then you will know he has things in hand." ~ Timothy Keller, The Prodigal God, pp. 108-09

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