Sunday, December 25, 2011

Daily Thought: In the Light of History

"Everything depends, of course, on whether you believe that the living God could, or would, act like that.  Some say he couldn't ('miracles don't happen'); others that he wouldn't ('if he did that, why doesn't he intervene to stop genocide?').  Some say Joseph, and others at the time, didn't know the scientific laws of nature the way we do—though this story gives the lie to that, since if Joseph hadn't known how babies were normally made he wouldn't have had a problem with Mary's unexpected pregnancy.

"But Matthew and Luke don't ask us to take the story all by itself.  They ask us to see in in the light of the entire history of Israel—in which God was always present and at work, often in very surprising ways—and, more particularly of the subsequent story of Jesus himself.  Does the rest of the story, and the impact of Jesus on the world and countless individuals within it ever since, make it more or less likely that he was indeed conceived by a special act of the holy spirit?"~ N. T. Wright, Matthew for Everyone: Part One; p. 7

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