Saturday, December 31, 2011

Daily Thought: It is Something to be Learned

"If you want to make music, you have to learn how to play an instrument.  And in the beginning, it doesn't sound too good—all the squawks and squeaks and bad timing.  You really are on your way to making music.  It just sounds like you're strangling a pig.  If you stick with it, something beautiful begins to emerge.  Or how about snowboarding—learning to do that is really awkward at first.  You fall down a lot.  You feel like an idiot.  But if you hang in there, you come to enjoy it.  You get better.  It starts to feel natural.  That's  when it becomes fun.  This hold true for anything in life.

"Including our walk with God.  It takes time and practice.  It's awkward at first, and sometimes we feel stupid.  But if we hang in there, we do begin to get it, and as it becomes more and more natural, our lives are filled with his presence and all the joy and beauty and pleasure that come with it.

"It is something to be learned.

"And it is worth learning." ~ John Eldredge, Walking with God, p. 17

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