Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Daily Thought: Private Property is the Soil of Freedom

"All those in positions of political power, all governments, all kings, and all republican authorities have always looked askance at private property.  There is an inherent tendency in all governmental power to recognize no restraints on its operation and to extend the sphere of its dominion as much as possible.  To control everything, to leave no room for anything to happen of tis own accord without the interference of the authorities—this is the goal for which every ruler secretly strives.  If only private property did not stand in the way!  Private property creates for the individual a sphere in which he is free of the state.  It sets limits to the operation of the authoritarian will.  It allows other forces to arise side by side with and in opposition to political power.  It thus becomes the basis of all those activities that are free from the violent interference on the part of the state.  It is the soil in which the seeds of freedom are nurtured and in which the autonomy of the individual and ultimately all intellectual and material progress are rooted." ~ Ludwig von Mises, Liberalism: The Classical Tradition, pp. 43-44

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