Saturday, December 31, 2011

Linkage: Can a Christian be a Libertarian?

Norman Horn, who has the website Libertarian Christian, has an article at the Washington Post website explaining how a person can be both a libertarian and a Christian, since many people find the two positions to be incompatible.  Here is a small excerpt:

Christians in American politics have argued for years that God endorses the political agenda of Republicans or Democrats, but is there a third way to think about the relationship between God and government? 
Christians from the left and the right are increasingly turning to libertarianism not because it is a “middle ground,” but because it is an entirely different way of thinking about government and power. 
The core of libertarianism is the non-aggression principle: that the initiation of force against person and property is immoral, and it is in many respects a kind of political corollary to the Golden Rule. Thus, Christian libertarians think that government power should be limited, sound money and truly free markets should return, aggressive war must cease and civil liberties must be preserved.

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