Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Daily Thought: God's Covenant is our Hope

"It is easy to develop a pharisaical attitude about the New Covenant Scriptures as about the Old. If we condition our relationship with God on the basis of knowing a compilation of sacred writings, rather than faith in Jesus, we actually make the Bible our God. As a result, we become inconsistent and insecure. Every interpretation, exegesis, or opinion that disagrees with our own is considered treason. Our problem is that we make the basis of our hope an agreement with men, not a covenant with God. One may be wrong about many things who is in a covenant relationship, but the covenant is not broken by his error. God's covenants are made with a variety of men. They do not all think alike, nor can they all do so."

Ketcherside, W. Carl (2010-08-05). The Death of the Custodian (Kindle Locations 513-518). SCM e-Prints. Kindle Edition.

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