Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Daily Thought: Nothing Changes

"Every election season America is presented with a series of false choices.  Should we launch preemptive wars against this country or that one?  Should every American neighborhood live under this social policy or that one?  Should a third of our income be taken away by an income tax or a national sales tax?  The shared assumption behind these question, on the other hand, are never cast in doubt, or even raised.  And anyone who wants to ask different questions or who suggests that the questions as framed exclude attractive, humane alternatives, is ipso facto excluded from mainstream discussion.

"And so every four years we are treated to the same tired, predictable routine: two candidates with few disagreements on fundamentals pretend that they represent dramatically different philosophies of government.

"The supposedly conservative candidate tells us about 'waste' in government, and ticks off $10 million in frivolous pork-barrel projects that outrage him—the inevitabel bridge-to-nowhere project, or a study of the effects of celery consumption on arresting memory loss—in order to elicit laughter and applause from partisan audiences.  All right, so that's 0.00045 percent of the federal budget dealt with; what does he propose to do with the other 99.99955 percent, in order to return our country to living within its means?  Not a word.  Those same three or four silly programs will be brought up all campaign long, and that's all we'll hear about where the candidate stands on spending.  But conservatives are told that they must support these candidates, and so they do, hoping for the best.  And nothing changes." ~ Ron Paul, The Revolution, pp. 1-2

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Sylvia Caldwell said...

Hey Paul...just found your blog looking for articles on spiritual maturity...I attended Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth...I have a blog as well...bellacottagetypepadblog...I try to leave encouraging words for others often... look forward to hearing what you have to say may even post a comment or two of yours on my blog but will direct them to your blog! Blessings to you and yours...Sylvia (Griffin, GA)

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