Sunday, January 08, 2012

Daily Thought: We Belong to God

The new covenant is individual in nature. It is secure in the inner being, that is, in the heart of the faithful person. One does not belong God because he belongs to a covenant people. He belongs to the covenant people because he belongs to God. He does not arrive at a covenantal status by subscribing to a code, but by surrender to the Christ. God is the God of those who have bared the walls of their hearts to the inscription written by the finger of God. Those who have covenanted with Him are His people. Any person upon this earth who has entered into the covenantal relationship with God is a child of God, and that covenant pledges his allegiance to God. So long as life continues he must have no other gods.

Ketcherside, W. Carl (2010-08-05). The Death of the Custodian (Kindle Locations 648-653). SCM e-Prints. Kindle Edition.

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