Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Linkage: Don't Just Stand There

As we follow Jesus it is easy at times to stop and wonder what the next step is going to be.  We become paralyzed with fear and uncertainty that we don't do anything waiting for God to make His will for our lives clear.  Perhaps God is wanting us to step out and do what He has already revealed, even when doing so goes against common sense.

That is the point Mike Andrews is making in this post:

It was a huge mess. After watching their oppressors being hounded by bloody water, frogs, flies, gnats, hail, dying animals, locusts up the wazoo, darkness, festering sores all over their bodies, and the deaths of their firstborn sons... now they were free. Well, they were on the edge of the wilderness loaded down with loot, with no homes to which to return, but at least they weren’t slaves anymore, right? Then it all started to look really bad...

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Just to build on Mike's thought is the need for us to go together.  There certainly will be times when we are forced to go alone, but it is so much easier to go as a group.  Just as a cord of three strands is multiple times stronger than those three strands alone, when we function as a body we are able to infuse each other with strength, courage, and faith that is desperately needed to live the life God has created us to live.

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