Monday, January 02, 2012

Linkage: Getting the Most from Revelation 2

Here is the second part of Matt Proctor's article on how to get the most out of reading Revelation.  Let's admit it, Revelation is a difficult book.  Partly because it has been abused through sensationalism and partly because we don't know what to make of the numbers, symbols, and images.  Hopefully this article can provide you with a little more confidence when approaching the book.

Part One of this article examined four hermeneutical keys to help you unlock the meaning of the book of Revelation. But, what about the book’s significance? 
Even if I understand how to read Revelation, an important question remains: why should I read it? How will it help me devotionally? In what ways will it make me a better follower of Jesus? 
Another way of asking this: We know God has promised a blessing to those who take hold of the words of Revelation (1:3). But what kind of blessings should our people expect? 
Here are seven ways I deepen my faith when I read Revelation:

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