Sunday, February 05, 2012

Daily Thought: There are Battles Before Us

If a man is not willing to go to heaven by the way of Calvary, he cannot go at all. Many men want a religion in which there is no cross, but they cannot enter heaven that way. If we are to be disciples of Jesus Christ, we must deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow Him. So let us sit down and count the cost. Do not think that you will have no battles if you follow the Nazarene, because many battles are before you. Yet if I had ten thousand lives, Jesus Christ should have every one of them. Men do not object to a battle if they are confident that they will have victory, and, thank God, every one of us may have the victory if we will.

Dwight Lyman Moody (2011-03-24). The Overcoming Life and Other Sermons (Kindle Locations 100-104). Kindle Edition.


Liane said...

This makes me think of a quote from the book The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson:

"Then one day I realized I had been looking up at giants from my perspective - and not down on them from God's!"

We should all have this perspective, I think.

Paul Steele said...

I agree. It comes down to whether or not we really trust God to fight on our behalf or if we think we are on our own.

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