Sunday, February 26, 2012

Linkage: Discipline-The Means to an End

Spiritual disciplines are essential for us to mature as followers of Jesus.  Speaking from my personal experience I was frustrated and my spiritual growth was stunted when I did not value spiritual disciplines in my life.  

Another reason I know that spiritual disciplines are essential for our spiritual development is become of the importance self-discipline is for life.  We cannot learn to do anything well without disciplining our selfs to set aside the time to do it, to learn the techniques, and to practice.  Discipline is the means to personal growth.  That is the point of this manvotional posted at The Art of Manliness.
From Self-Knowledge and Self-Discipline, 1916
By Basil William Maturin 
We do not endure [self-discipline] merely for its own sake, but for what lies beyond it. And we bear those acts of self-denial and self-restraint because we feel and know full well that through such acts alone can we regain the mastery over all our misused powers and learn to use them with a vigour and a joy such as we have never known before… 
It is as though one who had a great talent for music but had no technical training, and consequently could never produce the best results of his art, were to put himself under a great master. The first lessons he will have to learn will be, for the most part, to correct his mistakes, not to do this and not to do that; it will seem to him that he has lost all his former freedom of expression, that he is held back by all sorts of technical rules, that whenever he seeks to let himself go he is checked and hampered. And it is no doubt true. But he will soon begin to realise that as he learns more and suffers in the learning, possibilities of utterance reveal themselves which he has never dreamed of.

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