Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Linkage: How Should the Church Relate to Those with Same-Sex Attraction?

Homosexuality is becoming a bigger and bigger challenge for the Church.  Part of the reason is because of the increased tolerance of homosexuality at large and how gay rights has become such a hot button political issue.  One of the realities that Christians need to remember is that Jesus came to save everyone and when we erect walls that prevent people from coming to Jesus we are being unfaithful to the call that God has given to us.

I appreciate these thoughts from Mark Moore on this subject.
Individuals with same-sex attraction make up as much as 6 percent of the male population and 4.5 percent of females (though some studies estimate half that). Those are not insignificant numbers, especially when same-sex attraction involves you or someone you love. 
The church traditionally has not been particularly welcoming of such individuals, and a number of Scriptures have been cited to validate responses that are sometimes violent—verbally, emotionally, occasionally even physically. 
Because I am a follower of Jesus Christ, it is unconscionable for me to reject in the body of Christ some of the most spiritually sensitive and emotionally/socially vulnerable individuals in our society. Consider that during Jesus’ earthly ministry, he never got angry with sinners. Rather, Jesus’ most vituperative responses were reserved for his own disciples when they rejected children (Mark 10:14), the Pharisees when they rejected healing on the Sabbath (Mark 3:5), and the Sadducees when they debarred the poor and foreigners from the temple through their economic structures (Mark 11:15-18).

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