Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Linkage: The Importance of Mentors

One of the sites that I enjoy reading is The Art of Manliness.  It is refreshing to be reminded what masculinity is about.  As a Christian I believe that God created humans in His image.  Men, in our masculinity, reflect an image of God as do women in their femininity.  I think it is good to celebrate these differences and to remember that we can learn something about God from both.

While this post, The Importance of Mentors, is directed towards men, there is no doubt that it holds truth for women as well.  We all need older and wiser people in our lives who will take us under their wings and encourage us.  You and I need the benefit of other people's wisdom as we live our lives.  On the flip side of that, as we get older, we should be seeking younger people out that we can mentor.

When I was 15, I met a man who would have a profound impact on my life. His name was Andrew Lester. I first encountered Mr. Lester at church. He was the fun old guy that everyone liked being around. Despite being in his 8os, he had this boyish, mischievous look to him. He also made wearing a Breath-right nasal strip look cool. He wore them all the time. Mr. Lester was an artist by trade. His mother was a Cheyenne Indian, so his art focused on Native American motifs. A tribe called him the White Buffalo, and he made a really beautiful painting representing the name bestowed on him. I have print of it hanging up in my office. 
While Mr. Lester dabbled in painting, his real skill was in sculpting clay. He sculpted mammoth busts of great people from history like Martin Luther King Jr., Jim Thorpe, and Western movie star Tom Mixx. When he wasn’t working in his studio, he volunteered in various community organizations aimed at helping underprivileged Native and African Americans. Mr. Lester was very active in the African-American community in Oklahoma and founded the Oklahoma African-American Museum Hall of Fame. 
When I first saw Mr. Lester at church, I never thought he would become a mentor and good friend to me. But by chance, I was asked to regularly visit him and his wife to help them out around their home. Little did I know the impact this man would have on my passage into manhood.

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