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Sacrificing to Molech

Part of my Bible reading this morning included Leviticus 18.  This chapter basically deals with sinful sexual practices.  One particular thing caught my attention and that was verse 21; You shall not give any of your children to offer them to Molech, and so profane the name of your God: I am the LORD (ESV).

What made this verse stand out is because it is slipped in this section on sexual purity.  Verse 20 declares that sleeping with your neighbor's wife is a sin and verse 22 reveals homosexuality is a sin.  So I am wondering why place this restriction here rather than someplace else that talks about idolatry?  Without studying it I would offer up two guesses.  First, like most pagan worship the worship of Molech not only included child sacrifice but also deviant sexual practices.  Second, children are the result of sexual union.

We may not sacrifice to pagan gods anymore, but there is little doubt that the world celebrates sexual deviancy.  While God wants us to hold sex sacred in the context of marriage, the world says that it is good to explore your sexual urges.  Now it is true that in our culture there are still some bounds that that people are reluctant to cross, but with each passing year it seems those boundaries grow weaker and weaker.  The bottom line is that people want to enjoy themselves, but they don't want to suffer the consequences of their actions.  They want to have a pill to cure what every disease they might get from their "free loving" lifestyle.  Since many are not prepared for children they want the option to terminate any life that might have been conceived from having casual sex.  The result is that we still sacrifice our children.  It may not be on the alter of Molech, but it is on the alter of self-centeredness.

There is little doubt that the issue of abortion stems from the reality that people want to have sex without the consequences.  Men and women are willing to kill their children in the name of pleasure, education, career, and freedom.  What they don't understand is that in the process they are destroying their very souls, because they are revealing what they truly worship is not the Creator of the Universe, but themselves.  In the end a sexually loose lifestyle always leads people away from God and causes them to devalue life, including the life of their own children.


Paul Steele said…
I think this post needs some further development, it is literally my thought process after I finished my Bible reading. I just thought it was worth sharing, and that it might spur me on to develop it further.
Mike Roberts said…
I think this is a great article, Paul. The parallel you drew out of this text is very fitting - good job!
Paul Steele said…
Thanks Mike for the comment and the encouragement.

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