Thursday, March 08, 2012

Daily Thought: We Cannot Pay the Price

How can he make up for this past?  What can he trade to God in exchange for his soul?  What can he do to stop the vengeance of God?  How shall he come before Him?  How shall he pay that which he owes?  If he were, from this very moment to perform perfect obedience to every command of God, this would make no amends for the past.  He already owes God all the service he is able to perform, from this moment to the end of eternity.  If he could pay this, it would make no manner of amends for what he should have done before.  Therefore, he sees himself utterly helpless with regard to atoning for his past sins.  He is unable to make any amends to God.  He cannot pray any ransom for his own soul.

John Wesley, The Sermon on the Mount, The Christian Community (2010), pp. 71-72

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