Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Linkage: How Do You Keep From Getting Distracted?

We can feel important when someone asks us for help, and therefore it is easy to lay aside our agendas so we can help that person.  The problem is that each of these pleas for help can begin to distract us from what we need to be doing.  There needs to be a balance in our lives in finding time to help people and doing those things that God has called us to do.  Sometimes those two things line up, and other times they don't.  Jesus didn't stay in one place to help all the people in that community, because His call was larger than that, and so He travelled around helping people when He could.  Similarly we need to be aware of what God has called us to do and make those things a priority, as well as making sure we find time to help those people who ask us for help.

Don Miller has post on his blog that deals with this issue:
A few weeks ago I was tempted to put off a high-priority job because somebody needed something from me and said it was urgent. The truth is what they needed from me was urgent, it just wasn’t urgent for me. What they needed was going to help them get their job done. 
I call these kinds of distractions a “ringing phone.” It’s amazing how much a ringing phone takes priority over everything else, and often the stuff that is more important given your various responsibilities. When a phone rings we rarely know what the person who is calling wants, but we drop whatever we are doing to answer.

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